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Who We Are

Professional Estate Sales, LLC in Atlanta, GA is comprised of an amazing team of estate sales professionals dedicated to offering superior service and lending our pricing and merchandising expertise to your estate sale.

Jonathan Savoy is an entrepreneur at heart and currently the Managing Partner for Professional Estate Sales, LLC based in the Atlanta Metro Area.

His career has been organic. While attending college he was recruited into the family business to work in the personnel department while the company was experiencing phenomenal growth, during his tenure the company grew from 35 employees to 600 employees in nine years. Starting as a Personnel Manager he grew with the company and ended his tenure as the Director of Human Resources.

After 9 years of growth, the company was sold and he moved on to work in retail as an HR Director for Brandsmart USA, for three years. However, he always knew in his heart that Human Resources was not what he was destined to do.

Deciding he needed a change he moved on to work for a large boat dealership. Within a short six months tenure, he was named the General Manager.

In 2009, during the “Great Recession”, Jonathan decided once more to build upon his success and migrate full-time into a sales and customer service role. Jonathan started working at the Atlanta’s Hartfield Jackson International Airport managing a handicap services company where he was interacting with hundreds of people a day and loved every second of it. After several years, his true passion as an entrepreneur came to bare.

In 2015, Jonathan decided it was time to start his own business. As a seasoned estate sale shopper and antique buyer for over 15 years, he followed his passion and created Professional Estate Sales, LLC. Jonathan loves working with people and the chase; finding a good deal, he loves the treasure hunting experience and the excitement of what tomorrow may bring.

In 2017, Johnathan decided to expand his skills and became a Licensed Georgia Auctioneer. Being an auctioneer was not something he originally set out to do, however, he truly enjoys it but modestly acknowledges, it was never intended to be a career path.

Jonathan currently resides in Cumming, GA and is an active member of the community. He volunteers with numerous charities in and around Metro Atlanta.


​Together, with our extended team, we provide the know-how needed to price every item to insure maximum return.

What We Do

We are committed to easing the overwhelming stress that often burdens the executor and/or those downsizing and relocating. From pre-sale clean-up to post-sale clean-out, you can expect professional resources to be provided – sorting, organizing, displaying, staging, researching, pricing, advertising and more, customized to each estate’s needs.

Our Process:

  1. Meet with client and walk through the home to determine what items they want to keep and which ones to sell.
  2. Evaluate all items and price them for maximum return
    Stage items and clean the home so that each item receives maximum visibility
  3. Send out emails to specific buyers about certain items they tend to purchase
  4. Post items for sale to at least five different websites for marketing as well as distributing an email blast for each sale.
  5. Set-up parking cones so that neighbors do not get upset or blocked in
  6. Set-up local signage to direct traffic to the sale location
    Clean out remaining items following a sale with a local liquidator and tidy the house
Jonathan Savoy
Jonathan Savoy






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