Fall 2020

I wanted to take a moment and take all our loyal customers who have stayed with us through these very uncertain times that 2020 has brought upon us as quickly as an electrical outage. As the world slowly adapts to our new norms and we adapt at how best to serve you, our customers and clients safely, I am excited to share with you and upcoming sale next week, Labor Day Weekend. It is the estate of the very well known Atlanta artist Paul Kyegombe.

Paul was one of the top students in Uganda, PLE 1984 whilst at Kisubi, Savio. He was the top student at O’Levels 1988 (6 in 6, 10 in 8), and one of the Top students at A’Levels (AAAA). He was admitted to the Engineering School at Makerere University, 1991, and soon after got a scholarship to study Architecture at Huddersfield University, UK. He graduated with Honors in 1998, and started working for Dyer Brown Architects in the UK. Soon after, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to continue his architecture work with Dyer Brown. Many years later, he started his own practice in the city. He was also an avid professional artist, who earned a good living from his artwork, specializing in oil on canvas. His paintings were much admired. A true intellectual, a friend with a great personality. He will be missed by all who studied, played football, and worked with him.

I have included his professional bio below for your reference.


I’ve been drawing pictures since I was a little boy. The rigorous demands of architecture school didn’t stop me from continuing to develop my skill and talent as an artist. While in college, during the summer vacations, I honed my skill as an artist by sketching portraits at various tourist venues around the world. I specialized in the art of skyline painting, creating oil and acrylic paintings that capture the dynamism and energy of a skyline view. I use vibrant, bold colors and heavy textures in an abstract style, exploring the interaction of color and texture. I’ve created over 30 skyline paintings of Atlanta plus drawings and paintings of all the other US major cities. I also focus on creating large scale portraits of historic and iconic personalities using my signature dynamic painting style. Less

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Huddersfield in the UK.


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