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Old Estate Sales and Liquidation Services

Comprehensive Services Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Let Professional Estate Sales, LLC handle all the details of your home liquidation. From our first meeting, until the last item is sold, we are with you every step of the way.

Free, No-Obligation Initial Consultation

Once you contact us and set up a meeting, we will answer any questions that you may have about our company or estate sales in general. There is no cost to you for our initial consultation. We service Metro Atlanta as far north as Canton and Dahlonega and as far south as Fayetteville, GA.

Is This For You?

The death of a loved one, work transfer, downsizing, moving, divorce and bankruptcy are just a few of the reasons why people have an estate sale. Would an estate sale be appropriate for you? We will take a non-bias look at your items and tell you whether this is the best option for your particular situation.

How Long Does The Process Take

On average 10-14 business days is the length of time for the estate sale process, but every home is different and this can impact that time frame. We will discuss this with you on an individual basis to determine the correct time frame for your situation.

The Contract

A contract protects you, the client, just as much as it protects us. That is our belief and all details will be discussed in our initial meeting.

Keep What You’d Like

During our initial meeting please tell us any items you’d like to keep. If they cannot be moved prior to the sale, we can arrange to have them placed in a separate area during the sale.

Stop! Don’t Throw It Out

Rule number one of estate sales is to throw nothing away. Many odd things sell at estate sales, so let us help you determine your sales goals by taking a complete inventory of all belongings and furnishings.

Reserve Pricing

We understand that some items are special. While you may set a reserve price, we don’t encourage it because setting a minimum price on an item will make it less likely to attract serious buyers. However, the decision will be yours to make.

The Set-Up

Professional Estate Sales, LLC, and its employees will stage everything for you. We stage items in cabinets and closets, in plain view, which equals better sales for you. If needed, we bring in extra tables and display surfaces.

Item Pricing

Remember that your treasures are our treasures and we research and price everything with that in mind. When it comes to art and jewelry, we consult with appraisers, as needed, to ensure maximum returns.

That’s Too Big!

Don’t worry. Those larger items such as cars, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles will be posted and advertised accordingly.

Estate Sale Today

We want to reach as many people as possible and want them to come to your sale. We will advertise your sale using all appropriate avenues. If your HOA or community has specific rules on parking, please let us know so that we can work with you on those arrangements.

We Protect You

Because we want to protect you and all of your treasures, we will not release any residential information until the day prior to the sale. All our employees will be in uniform with our company name on the shirt. Each employee is dedicated to ensuring both a safe and successful sale. 


We offer special discounts on our services to both active and inactive military veterans. 



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